Jennifer Anton

Full Stack Developer

About Me

Hi there! I’m Jennifer Anton, a fullstack web developer.

I am a recent graduate of the Learn Verified program through The Flatiron School, a Full Stack Web Development program. My web development experience includes building responsive websites using Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Wordpress, AngularJS, and JavaScript. I look forward to putting my new skills to work for you!



Information Gathering

The first step is to gather information. This is where I gain an understanding of you - what your goals and dreams are, and how the website can help you achieve these goals. I will be asking a lot of questions during this phase to determine the purpose of the site, your target audience, and what kind of information the audience will be looking for.


At this phase we will take the information gathered in phase one and develop a site map. We will need to determine whether you will incorporate a content management system, and what forms will be needed.


Now is the time to design the look and feel of your site. The design will be based on your target audience and company logo. Your input will be needed throughout this phase to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the final site design.


It is at this phase that your website is created. The home page will be developed first, followed by interior pages. This is the point where we add interactive content forms, shopping carts, etc.

Testing and Delivery

At this point we will test the website to make sure that there is complete functionality of forms, scripts are working properly, and that the site is compatible between browsers. The files will be uploaded to your server. Domain name and web hosting services are available if needed.


I would be happy to continue working with you on updating your site in the future. I can help with regular backups, Wordpress upgrades, additional plugin installation, etc.